Cashmere Plum Aura Primer
Cashmere Plum Aura Primer
Cashmere Plum Aura Primer

Cashmere Plum Aura Primer

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Wrap yourself in comfort with Cashmere Plum fragrance. This fruit forward scent has a cozy warmth that’s always inviting. Bright citrus and a touch of black cherry enhance the dark plum heart of this fragrance. Amber, sugar, and vanilla base notes reinforce the sweetness of this scent, while musk and freesia add a light earthy dimension.

This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cedar, bergamot, and clary sage.

Note Profile:
Top: Citrus
Middle: Plum, Black Cherry
Base: Amber, Sugar, Light Musk, Freesia, Vanilla

Directions: shake well before use, spray on yourself, the space that you are in, or anywhere you want to increase your aura. The 100% organic, natural, non-gmo sugarcane base is safe and versatile you can use for yourself and the environment around you. This is intended for external use only. Do not use for internal consumption, children, infants, or pets. Not recommended to be used on leather or suede goods as discoloration can occur. Any irritation to the skin, discontinue use immediately. Our aura sprays are all clean fragrances, meaning free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance. We use a matte black 3.5oz glass container for our aura sprays.