RITUAL // Spicy Meadow Candle
RITUAL // Spicy Meadow Candle
RITUAL // Spicy Meadow Candle
RITUAL // Spicy Meadow Candle
RITUAL // Spicy Meadow Candle

RITUAL // Spicy Meadow Candle

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Spicy Meadow is a camphoraceous blend of herbs, lavender, and aromatic woods. Sage, rosemary, and chamomile awaken the earthiness of lavender, while hints of sandalwood and cedar in the base are reinforced by clove, lavandin, and cedarwood essential oils. This clean, herbal scent summons an apothecary atmosphere feeling, while White Sage and Lavender transforms this aura into a calming and relaxing environment. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including cedarwood, clove, and lavandin. In this RITUAL we use Pink Aura Quartz, Like other Aura Quartz, Pink or Rose Aura Quartz has been treated with Platinum and other high quality metals that are permanently infused into the crystal within a vacuum. This process raises the vibration of the base stone, which is clear quartz, the master healing stone. 

For this RITUAL our intentions are focused on the ability to work with individuals at their level, advancing one toward higher spiritual cognition. By infusing the body and energy field with pure love, Pink Aura Quartz offers an ability to manifest and accept pure love in the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies. This stone also connects to the angelic realm, repairs holes in the etheric shield and offers a sense of balanced and highly charged well-being. We used the color pink for the vessel specifically for protection for you and your loved ones throughout their journey in both physical and spiritual forms.

RAW PINK AURA QUARTZ: "Letting Go", Pure Love, Connection to Higher Power, Well Being

Primary Chakras: Heart, Soul Star Chakra

GARNET: Love, Loyalty, Commitment

Primary Chakras: Root, Sacral, Heart

CLEAR QUARTZ: Healing, Enhancing, Amplification

Primary Chakras: All Chakras

Note Profile:
Top: Lavender
Middle: Camphor, Chamomile, Sage, Rosemary
Base: Sandalwood, Cedarwood

Burn Time: Approximately 48-50hrs burn time. Ensure to trim wick to 1/4" before burning and it is recommended to burn for 2-4 hours for maximum burn time. It is not recommended to burn longer than 4 hours at a time. Globe Amaranth, Eucalyptus, and White Sage to infuse this candle top to bring beauty to your personal RITUAL.  We only use US grown, all natural soy wax. Our candles are all clean fragrances, meaning free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance. Approximately 8oz.

Burning Instructions: Watch candle carefully and ensure the decorative herbs and flowers stay clear of the wick flame. Herbs and flowers can be removed while burning the candle if you desire, then replace them back in the candle once the flame is extinguished. If herbs and flowers get to close to the flame, use a metal object to push them out of the flame. Place on a heat resistant surface.

*Crystals, stones, and botanicals will vary in shape, size, and color from candle to candle, due to the natural variation of them.